About us


About Barbeque Ville

Walk into Barbeque Ville and experience the delight of grilling your own food, marinated and partially done, give the exact finishing touches to your food with the sauces and marinades made by the experts.

Leave the worries to us and enjoy the interaction with your favourite food on your own personal grill on your own table. Barbeque Ville brings you a barbeque bonanza offering you 6 non-vegetarian and 6 vegetarian starters to savour, brought to your table by our eager to serve staff and grilled to perfection by a chef who understands your food preferences better than anybody else in the world. That’s you! Yes, we bring you three vegetarian and three non-vegetarian starters for you to try your culinary expertise.

And if you are not so adventurous, no problem. Our expert chefs will do it for you exactly as you want it. In the meanwhile when the barbeques are getting done as you want them, grab your favourite chaat from the chaat trolley passing by and give a tickle to your taste buds with a little chatpata spicy chaat.

The party is not over yet, there is an impressive array of desserts and fruits.

The best value for your Money

What makes the Barbeque Ville offer all the more attractive is the best value we offer for your money. Have a 5-star dining experience at a fraction of 5-star cost. Take full advantage of the fixed price unlimited abundance of delicious and healthy food without burning a hole in your pocket.